Pricing and Delivery FAQ

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Answers to Some Common Questions

We know you might have questions about pricing and delivery. Here are a few common questions we get that you might find helpful. Feel free to contact us about these or any other questions regarding pricing and delivery. We’re here to help!

Where do you offer delivery?

We generally deliver within a 40-mile radius; if you’re curious about delivery to a specific address, contact our office, and we can verify if you are within our delivery area.

How do I check prices?

Just like all, fuel prices can fluctuate. The best way to know the current price points is to call our office.

Do I have to set up a contract?

At this time, we do not require customers to sign contracts.

Can I choose my delivery date?

Yes! But most customers prefer to be on our automatic fill-up program. It’s designed to save money and ensure you never run out of propane when needed.

How do I request a delivery?

Contact our office; we’ll take care of you as soon as possible.

I need propane today. Can you help?

Yes! Just call our office.

I have a question about my bill. Who do I call?

Our office personnel is available to help. Give us a call anytime.